Friday, December 03, 2004

Green Bean Bacon Wraps

for my cousin Justin!

this is a recipe which i take no credit for. it comes from my fish school son, Jeffrey's, mom. She's amazing at these...and he's become quite the impressive green bean bacon wrap maker too at our Fisher-Price Thanksgiving Dinners!

2 can of French-style cut green beans (drained)
a pack of bacon (the thicker the slices the better, in my opinion)
butter (melted)
brown sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Start off with slicing the pack of bacon in half; this way you get twice the amount of wraps and the bacon doesn't overpower the green beans. Then take a bundle of green beans in your hand, (I squeeze any extra juices out) and wrap one half slice of bacon around it and hold it together with a toothpick. Repeat to the entire pack of bacon and/or green beans, whichever runs out first. Then take the melted butter and brush each wrap with it. Sprinkle some brown sugar on each one and toss into th eoven for a little over 30 minutes. Keep an eye on dont wnat the bacon raw; once it gets dark, a bit blackened even, take it out and serve!


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